Last minute Christmas shopping

Christmas shopping can seem to go on forever. Some people start as early as January, some mid-year and the rest tend to be last minute shoppers. Whichever one suits you, finding the perfect gift can be a hard task.

If you have a really large family a good and cheaper option is to do a secret Santa, selected one family members name from a hat, supposedly anonymously while another chooses you. Selecting one special gift for your chosen family member can really help take the stress off buying a present for the whole family. Don’t forget to set a price limit as one may go a bit crazy while someone only gets a stocking filler.

christmas, gifts, presentsSo that’s one way to sort out Christmas for the family. However, the children are a different matter. Buying too far in advance isn’t always the best option, fads come and go so quickly with children, what could have been the cool must have toy in august maybe uncool by December. The only downfall to waiting until December is stock issues, parents really do try and get the best present for their children and even camp out for the release of a new must have toy, just to see the excited look on their child’s face.3 Red Covered Present Box

Nothing beats taking your little girl out to ride her new bike, seeing the pride on her face that she owns such a cool bike. Or the new skateboard they have been asking for all year and now finally own. Getting the balance right is important. Having an old toy clear out before Christmas is a great idea, giving old toys to charity, allowing those less fortunate to receive Christmas presents too.

The Christmas adverts have started on the television so Christmas is certainly arriving quick, so start getting those last minute bits done.

A perfect gift for Pizza lovers

The G3 Ferrari Electric Pizza Oven is a perfect gift for pizza lovers. It’s smart, small and compact and it runs entirely on electric. This means you simply plug it in, choose the heat you’d like and away you go. This device gives you a real stone baked pizza in just minutes without having a large clay oven in your back garden! With the G3 you can also cook pancakes, waffles and roast chestnuts. If you have mains power running in your garden, simply get a pizza on the go and enjoy a fabulous meal outdoors. It’s a great alternative to a barbecue and it’s sealed shut during the cooking process, meaning weather and wind speeds won’t have any effect on the pizza during cooking. This really is a smart gift for anyone who loves a traditional stone baked pizza and it’s very easy to clean, so consider buying one for your friend or relative this Christmas.

A new Kind of snorkel for holidays

Many people love snorkeling on their holidays, but it can be a bit of a pain to get everything on tightly so no water leaks in, whilst you’re always adjusting the goggles and the mouth piece. It can be difficult to breath properly if you’re snorkeling for long spells, but there’s a new snorkeling device that stops this completely. The Easybreath is the answer and it’s the first full-face snorkeling mask, meaning it allows you to breathe just as easily and naturally underwater as you would on land, through the nose and the mouth. This is great news for holidaymakers and travellers alike, and the innovative mask provides a large and unobstructed 180° field of vision and it’s prevented from fogging up by a really neat dual airflow system. Of course, at times water can get into the mask, but you can prevent this from happening by using a mechanism that seals the top of the snorkel when submerged.

Snapping up summer clothes

It may not seem like it when you look outside the window but now is the best time to buy summer clothes. Okay so the weather is only going down hill right now with white clouds covering every area of the sky, but this means summer clothes are now in the sale period, so you can get ready to stock up for next year, saving yourself a lot of money in the process. If you have a summer holiday coming up and you’ve waited to buy your holiday attire, well done because the sale is now upon us. Most high street fashion stores have summer clothing in the sale right now as they make way for jumpers, jeans, coats, jackets and beanies. Even though you don’t know what trend may be upon us in 10 months time, basic t-shirts and shorts are worth buying now because they’re unlikely to be any cheaper for a long time.

Buying used camera gear

Photography equipment is incredibly expensive to buy, that’s why many people purchase used gear from other professional photographers. You obviously don’t get the peace of mind as there is no warranty, but you can pick up a lens or a DSLR camera that is in mint condition, saving yourself hundreds, if not, thousands of pounds. The temptation is incredibly inviting for many, but you should always test the equipment out first if that’s possible. If you’re buying the equipment online, perhaps on eBay, then make sure you do your homework on the seller. Find out why they’re selling. Sometimes people switch to a different camera manufacturer, and this means their gear is working perfectly, they just fancy a change to the other side. Buying used camera gear can be a big money saver and because the equipment is durable, you’re likely to have no manufacturer problems. Just be sure to buy with caution.

7 Days to Die hits the PS4

7 Days to Die made its name as a poplar PC game but it’s now available to pre-order on next gen consoles for the very first time. This is the game that completely redefined the survival genre, with unrivalled crafting and world-building content. It’s set in a brutally unforgiving post-apocalyptic world overrun by the undead. As an open world game, it combines first person shooter, survival horror, tower defense, and role-playing, so it doesn’t hold back. You get the chance to craft and repair weapons, clothes, armour, tools and vehicles, whilst your main aim to survive, so you’ll need to design your fortress to include traps and defensive positions to survive the undead.

Saving for Christmas: Does it really start now?

I was chatting with a group of friends the other day and I was shocked to hear that a couple of them are already saving for Christmas 2016. I don’t know about you but I feel like we’ve only just come out of the last Christmas period, then again that was almost 6 months ago. It’s crazy to think we’re almost in June but surely saving for Christmas doesn’t need to start now? It’s scary to think that people spend so much money on Christmas they have to dedicate half a year to prepare for it, and I don’t think that’s what Christmas is about, it certainly isn’t in my family. What happened to homemade gifts and spending time with people? I know it’s highly commercialised but it’s getting ridiculous if people are genuinely saving for it already.

Father’s Day, it’s coming up!

Okay so we’ve got a little while yet, but Father’s Day is fast approaching. I always hate this one because I really never know what to get my dad. He’s not one to make it easy. I can’t get him socks or deodorant again this year, I’ve done it too many times. If you, like me are in a bit of a panic, here are three good ideas for father’s day.


I know many of us are now into streaming music, well some dads still love a CD or record, and if you get searching online now, you should be able to find his favourite artists.

Giant Mugs

What dad wouldn’t love a mug that says “World’s favourite dad”? Need I say anymore?


If in doubt, ask your mum for his size and go from there. Dad’s aren’t ever going to be fashion icons because they really don’t care, so they’ll be grateful for whatever top you buy.

Easter Shopping

Easter has to be one of the best times to go shopping, and I think it’s usually because most people are at home relaxing with their families. If you don’t think much of Easter and you’d like to get in a spot of shopping, you may find the stores are pretty quiet, and that’s always great news for hardcore shoppers. Just be aware of the fact that opening hours for shops are likely to be different, so you may need to check the times of individual shops before you visit your local shopping centre or high street. Easter is a time for eating chocolate eggs, but it’s also a time for grabbing a great bargain, and with summer clothes now on in the store windows, there’s lots to be excited about. Let us know if you’re planning on shopping this Easter? We’d love to know your plans.

Mothers Day – It’s right around the corner

Valentines day is now out of the way and we all know what’s next; Mothers Day! A day when many people rush to the shops to pick a card and some flowers, or perhaps take your mum on a rare trip out to a restaurant, but you don’t always have to splash the cash. Mothers Day is about showing appreciation to your mum, and you can do this by making her dinner, or perhaps breakfast in bed, whilst you can make a hand-made card that’s a lot more personal than one picked up in a high street store. Mother’s day should be a day to enjoy, but you don’t have to go overboard and most mums don’t actually want you to. There’s plenty of time to make the day a special one, but you need to get thinking now before it’s too late.