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Father’s Day, it’s coming up!

Posted on April 12, 2016 at 9:51 pm

Okay so we’ve got a little while yet, but Father’s Day is fast approaching. I always hate this one because I really never know what to get my dad. He’s not one to make it easy. I can’t get him socks or deodorant again this year, I’ve done it too many times. If you, like me are in a bit of a panic, here are three good ideas for father’s day.


I know many of us are now into streaming music, well some dads still love a CD or record, and if you get searching online now, you should be able to find his favourite artists.

Giant Mugs

What dad wouldn’t love a mug that says “World’s favourite dad”? Need I say anymore?


If in doubt, ask your mum for his size and go from there. Dad’s aren’t ever going to be fashion icons because they really don’t care, so they’ll be grateful for whatever top you buy.

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