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Buying used camera gear

Posted on July 26, 2016 at 8:15 pm

Photography equipment is incredibly expensive to buy, that’s why many people purchase used gear from other professional photographers. You obviously don’t get the peace of mind as there is no warranty, but you can pick up a lens or a DSLR camera that is in mint condition, saving yourself hundreds, if not, thousands of pounds. The temptation is incredibly inviting for many, but you should always test the equipment out first if that’s possible. If you’re buying the equipment online, perhaps on eBay, then make sure you do your homework on the seller. Find out why they’re selling. Sometimes people switch to a different camera manufacturer, and this means their gear is working perfectly, they just fancy a change to the other side. Buying used camera gear can be a big money saver and because the equipment is durable, you’re likely to have no manufacturer problems. Just be sure to buy with caution.

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