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A perfect gift for Pizza lovers

Posted on October 24, 2016 at 11:47 am

The G3 Ferrari Electric Pizza Oven is a perfect gift for pizza lovers. It’s smart, small and compact and it runs entirely on electric. This means you simply plug it in, choose the heat you’d like and away you go. This device gives you a real stone baked pizza in just minutes without having a large clay oven in your back garden! With the G3 you can also cook pancakes, waffles and roast chestnuts. If you have mains power running in your garden, simply get a pizza on the go and enjoy a fabulous meal outdoors. It’s a great alternative to a barbecue and it’s sealed shut during the cooking process, meaning weather and wind speeds won’t have any effect on the pizza during cooking. This really is a smart gift for anyone who loves a traditional stone baked pizza and it’s very easy to clean, so consider buying one for your friend or relative this Christmas.

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