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Using Pinterest to create a shopping wish list.

Posted on February 23, 2017 at 12:04 pm

For anybody out there who may not be well equipped with Pinterest as on how he or she can create shopping list, then don’t worry as am going to present you with some very easy instructions how to go about creating a shopping wish list using Pinterest.

Step 1- Create an adult Pinterest Account

Step 2- Create a Wish List board for each and every item and then click on the + indication in the upper right-hand corner of Pinterest next to your picture and name.

Step 3- Install the Pin it buttons on your browsers toolbar -Be sure to use the right instructions for your browser.

Step 4- Start pinning by browsing favourite stores.

You can add or delete items you have pinned at any time, and categories your finds too. It is a great idea to create shopping lists for Christmas gifts or birthday present ideas, making it much easier to plan and budget for upcoming events.

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