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Is contactless payment causing over spending?

Posted on May 28, 2017 at 10:35 am

Many shoppers are choosing to use the contactless payment method when going on a shopping spree. Many people are suggesting that this method of payment is leading to shoppers over spending and causing poor spending habits.

Contactless payments allow customers to make quick and easy payments, making consumers lose track of what they have spent. The fast till process is also creating more impulse buys compared to those who take the time counting out the cash.

Although technology has led to easy payment options, it has also created advance online banking. With banking Apps available on many smartphones. The online Apps allow you to easily track your outgoing and make easy bill payment too.

While there may be some negatives surrounding contactless payment, there are definitely more benefits, including safe, easy and quick payment options. You can certainly still choose to use chip and pin, and cash payment methods at retail stores if you so desire.

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