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Christmas is looming so you need to head online now!

Posted on November 28, 2017 at 5:29 pm

With Christmas just around the corner now, it’s really important you do your online shopping while you can because soon the delivery companies will be ridiculously busy and will therefore not be able to promise you that your gifts will arrive on time.

We recommend you do your shopping in November so you can have a stress-free December and enjoy the moments, however, if that’s not entirely possible for you and you’re waiting for one more payday in December, it’s best to plan everything you need and do your Christmas shopping as soon as you can. As a cut off date, we would say that the latest you should be ordering any presents is mid-December, so you still have plenty of time, but the weeks are about to fly by, so don’t get caught off guard. Enjoy Christmas, and get everything out the way early, that’s what we do!

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