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What to do with any unwanted clothes

Posted on May 27, 2018 at 8:23 pm

If like many of us, you have many items of clothing simply sitting in your wardrobe that have not been worn for years, or even ever. There are many ways you can sort out your clothes and make some space for some more newer items.

Charity shop- handing your items of clothing to a local charity shop is a great option, or bagging the items up and placing them in a charity clothes bin near you. This way your clothes can be used to make money towards a charitable cause.

Sell them- once you have sorted through your clothes, you may find some of the items are worth selling. With many new clothes selling sites, selling old and new clothing is made so much easier. Vintage clothing is still popular, so what may be old to you may be a vintage find for someone else.

Either option will help create some space in your wardrobe, and provide you with enough space to head out on a new shopping spree.

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