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Fashion – Should We Always Follow The Trends?

Posted on August 23, 2021 at 8:23 am

Fashion Trends, something that seems to be set by fashion icons and brands across the world. With fashion in one country changing from another. With some styles being right up your street, and others being so far away you would never dream of touching them. Yet some people still would, some people will still follow trends that arent their style. But why?

Most people, especially teenage girls will follow every fashion trend that is out there. Teenage girls taking up a high percentage of people who follow trends and spend their money on new clothes and styles. These young girls are following the trends mainly because they do not want to be left out. They want to fit in, and they find the easiest way to do this is by changing what they wear to suit current trends. Whilst it is okay for you to want to follow the trends, it is not always the best idea to follow every trend that is set every season.

So, why shouldn’t we always follow every fashion trend?

One of the main reasons why we are always going to encourage people not to follow every fashion trend is for their own happiness. There are so many people out there who follow the trends to fit in but forget about themselves. You should be wearing what you feel comfortable in, what you feel happy in. We should encourage each other to show our own style and our own personality, it is not all about the media fashion trends.

You should also take into consideration money. Fashion trends are constantly changing, so if you are following every single one, your spending will be crazy. You will find you are spending more money on clothes, and are not wearing them often. Save your money, be an individual by following your own style.

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