Importance of framing your achievement and certificates

Posted on December 21, 2017 at 11:12 am

Why frame your certificates and other achievements? This is a common question for most people. There are two points of view on this matter. On one hand, framing a certificate and putting it on show in your home or office is perceived as an act of vanity. To others, this is a show of how far they have come and a constant appreciation of their achievements. This article provides a succinct reasoning on why the framing of certificates and achievements is necessary regardless of what is in them.

Showcasing the hard work

In order to attain the accreditation and certificates, one has to put in a lot of hard work. Framing the certificate is a way of showcasing the efforts that one has expended in the development of a profession. Framing the certificate is also a way of showing what the hard work, study sessions and sweat have culminated in. The priceless efforts can only be seen in the document. Showcasing this is one of the core reasons for framing it at hanging it in plain view.

It is a form of protection

The framing of certificates and diplomas is advisable as a way of offering protection to the document. Education is priceless. Framing the document can determine its longevity and protection from instances of misplacement and exposure to the elements such as water. Since how one is educated or not is dependent on the availability of the document, framing it is advisable since it ensures that there is reduced exposure to common hazards.

Personal marketing

Framing the document and hanging it in plain view will ensure that one is capable of marketing himself or herself. When visitors in one’s office see the diploma hanging on the wall flagged by other achievements, they are more likely to hold the office occupant in high light. This means that the visitors will most likely judge him or her based on what the certificate reflects. In most instances, the diploma will contribute to the personal marketing of the individual.


Some people simply enjoy collecting certificates and trophies and displaying these items in frames or in their cupboards is like gathering all of their beloved mementoes. It’s not always about reminding them of success or shouting about achievements to friends and family members, it can simply be a case of collecting certificates and mementoes. We’re not saying you should buy bulk certificate frames and wait for each and every certificate to come in so you have a place to put it on your wall immediately, but going through your belongings every few months and picking out anything that you may later deem noteworthy or a symbol of success can be a wise idea.

Whatever the reason is, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with framing achievements and it’s something many people do. It’s also important to note that not all achievements are down on paper. You may recall a day at work when you won employee of the year but have nothing to show for it, or perhaps helped a colleague gain a promotion; these are still achievements in some people’s eyes and you can always hold the memories in your mind.

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