Shopping As A Petite Woman

Posted on July 9, 2021 at 8:16 am

Life as a petite woman can be difficult. With brands focusing highly upon plus size, maternity, and general women ranges. The lack of clothes for petite women is astonishing. People do not seem to realise that petite women are around, and it is extremely difficult to find clothes suitable.

Shopping as a petite woman is a challenge. You will find that any stores with petite clothes seem to follow on set style. You do not get the wide variety of options that other women are offered. You will also find that there’s one theme, petite women are portrayed as short and slim, but this is not always the case. Shopping as a slightly taller yet slim petite woman is difficult. As it is if you are more on the plus size yet still shorter. The clothes are made for one specific size. So, we need to raise awareness of all different sizes in women and their different body types. Making shopping easier for all women!

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